Why Choose County Corvette?


Over the years many shops have come and gone, for many different reasons. Being in business over 30 years is not easy and requires perseverance, dedication a proven busy model.
At County Corvette we operate under the philosophy that customer service, good workmanship and knowledge is critical but there is more to it than that. A reputation for always doing what is right even when it is the difficult thing to do. As a result we don't get involved in practices that are unethical and wrong. Many restorers have taken short cuts to prosperity by building fraudulent cars with fraudulent components. We steer clear of such things and you can always rest assured that a restoration we did or car we sold can be represented for what it truly is.

Additionally and of equal importance is how we treat our employees and how we care for your vehicle.  Our employees are truly our greatest asset. Without them we don't exist and for that reason we have invested heavily into providing them the best and safest workplace available. You will see things at County Corvette that you rarely do in other shops such great lighting, comfortable heating, eyewash and safety stations etc.  We also provide healthcare and a 401K plan. Backyard restorers dont share our values, we hope you do.

Like protecting our employees, protecting your vehicle is important to us. In every area of our shops you will find all wiring in proper conduit and electrical service properly done. We also have full fire suppression in all of our buildings as well as fire extinguishes a reach away from our employees hands. 
Water reclamation is also used in washing and sanding areas because we value the water we drink.
In addition to the way we operate our facility we are proud of our fiscal responsibility. Over the years we have heavily reinvested in our company to pay down debt and purchase the best equipment available to give our clients the most efficient job they can relieve anywhere.
We are also responsible with your money when deposits are given and apply the funding accordingly to your project not to someone else. 

Sure you can find a shop that may be a few dollars less than us but we guarantee to you that they simply cannot provide the same level of service consistently year after year that we able to achieve.

Some cars are irreplacable at any cost. Can you trust your valuable Corvette to a shop that does not have adequate protection? Leaving the fate of you cars value to insurance companies that dont want to pay a claim is dangerous plan. Dont put yourself at risk in the first place and choose your shop carefully. 

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