May 2017
Hi Jim,

 I’m so sorry I missed your call today, it was the usual busy Monday. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are heading south to Arkansas for my wife’s granddaughter’s final high school orchestra concert as she graduates next week (the same day as the car show!). Judging from your email, Ron left your facility between 2:00 and 3:00pm on Thursday afternoon; he arrived in Kansas City at 8:30 Friday morning!!! I could not believe it.

As to the car, it exceeded all of my expectations. I am thrilled with the quality of your work, the condition of the car, the paint, everything. It started up quickly, idled high then settled into a gentle but obviously balanced 700rpm. I will have to have my smile surgically removed, it hasn’t left since I saw the car. Believe it or not, I still haven’t had any time to drive the car, other than around the block and into our smaller warehouse facility. The license had expired, and I didn’t have my new Hagerty Insurance Card on me (we are 3 blocks from our main police station).

 Thank you for everything Jim, I will enthusiastically recommend County Corvette in the future for anything Corvette or Muscle Car. I’ll give you a call when I return sometime Thursday.

Best regards,

Mark Short
Overland Park, Kansas


December 2016

So first time with the Vette on track at Summit Point Shenendoah and I managed to hit the tire wall at "the hammer". Been there probably 10 times since 2005 with my Mustang and never had an off. No airbag  deployment and was able to drive it home no problem.

Anyway, long story short, Insurance thru Lockton was by far the best experience I've ever had. No questions, no delays, they accepted the highest estimate and paid off promptly. My regular insurance should be so good!

Took it to County Corvette in West Chester PA They worked closely with insurance and got everything approved, did a great job. James Turner, kept me up to date with pictures at every step in the process. The car looks great! Even better than new since i had the entire car repainted , wet sanded and buffed. No more orange peel. Best $385 (Insurance premium) I ever spent.!


November 2015

On July 29, 2015 I had my 2016 3LZ Z06/Z07 Corvette delivered to my home via enclosed carrier from Criswell Chevrolet. Well before delivery I knew I'd need a back up set of rims and tires versus factory (Z07) set up. I eventually decided on a setup for non track use. However, I needed a speed shop to both take delivery of my rims and tires and have the equipment to do the job. County Corvette had the equipment but they also had the service. James Turner was my face for County Corvette and I would recommend him and his team to anyone. They were honest and prompt with everything. They managed my expectations respectfully as well. Sure, they have the intellect and equipment to mount and balance a supercar's tire set up at a reasonable price but for me it has to be an enjoyable experience. It's supposed to be fun, right? Mr. Turner made it fun, interesting and even took the time to educate me on a variety of items. I am sure there are less and less of these types of speed shops in existence. We are fortunate to have them in my "back yard". Thank you County Corvette and thank you James Turner!

Matt Hammer
Chester Springs, PA


October 2015

I have used County Corvette numerous times over the past several years for restoration, repair and maintenance on my Corvette. I have also attended NCRS judging events that they host inside and outside of this extensive state of the art facility. The quality of the work is top notch and they are knowledgeable on how to do the job to the original ( as delivered ) factory specifications, regardless of year. I would be hesitant to leave my Vette with anyone else -- it's not worth taking the risk especially when you want it done right. I have also recommended County to several friends looking to buy a Corvette since this shop will provide an independent and highly qualified assessment/appraisal of any Corvette. I would say to visit the shop and see for yourself ! Hope this helps other Vette owners looking for quality service and repair.

Scott Karlin
Exton, Pa


December 29, 2014

To Everyone at County Corvette,

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you personally for your tireless  attention you gave to me and to my '66 Corvette.  I could not be happier than I am with the work which so many of you participated.  Simply stated, your facility and entire staff are second to none.  It is evident that all of you at County Corvette take the utmost pride in each and every service that you render.  But, just as important to me, thank you for always making me feel welcome in the shop and being generous in sharing your knowledge. I knew my '66 was in the best hands possible for its frame off restoration and my full confidence in every one of you never once wavered. 

I would like to offer special thanks and my personal friendship to Jim Stuempfle.  Jim navigated the entire restoration and spent countless hours explaining the process to me.  Being a relatively new comer to the hobby, I had a lot of questions.  Jim answered every question I had without ever making me feel inexperienced.  

I look forward to many years of both service and friendship with all of you. Thank you once again for everything!

John McCarty



Just wanted to say thank you for today, I came in with a black Duramax looking for a good leather conditioner and I thought I'd say thank you, the guy at the counter was great and very helpful and checked to see if the product was in stock when I called this morning. And the product worked wonders. Just a quick trial I couldn't believe the difference.

Its hard to find good, reliable service!

Thank you,
Tracey Miller


April 3, 2013

County Corvette
315 Westtown Rd, Suite 1
West Chester, Pa. 19382

Dear Jim,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my Corvette.

From the first phone call to the date of delivery, the entire experience was a pleasure. The professionalism that was always maintained was very assuring that the work would be completed to the high standards that I require. The fact that I was assigned my own personal web site to maintain up to date progress was amazing in itself. That along with keeping me abreast of any unexpected issues that came along I was able to rest at ease that my vehicle was in the right hands. I made several unexpected visits to the shop and each time I arrived I was greeted as if I was “family” and everyone was more than willing to help me and answer any questions I may have had. Now I understand how County Corvette has eared there wonderful reputation. I have passed along my great experience to other people and I’m sure if they want the expert work and knowledge of automobile service they will be calling on you.

Once again thanks for a great job.

James Flader
4342 Hillside Ct.
New Tripoli, Pa. 18066



 Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me about your company.  You have built yourself an amazing business and it shows with the quality of product you put out the door. 

I hope you will keep us in mind so that we can provide you with excellent service in the future.  If you should have any questions about the American Autowire products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Again, it was a pleasure meeting with you in person.


 Frank Colonna


June 27,2012

Jim S and the Entire staff at County Corvette,

We cannot give all of you enough Thank You's for amazing work done to our 1973 Corvette. The Corvette has been in our family since 1974. It had been in the garage since 1977 and the last time it was 1979.

Choosing County Corvette was the best decision we made. We had ease of mind bringing the car there. From thefirst phone call and speaking to Jim S., to Kevin picking up the car on a flatbed, meeting and speaking to the professional guys in the shop.

 From the time they picked up the car and letting us know what was needed, we were kept informed every step of the way, also with pictures showing the progress. Unbelievably, they were able to start up the car after it sat for33 years (after proper preparation). We came down numerous times seeing the progress being made. Everyone and everything was professional from the start.

They did everything they said they were going to do and they did it right. The car came out being more amazing than we thought.

We would not hesitate recommending County Corvette to anyone who is serious aboutsuperior quality workmanship and excellent customer service and a most courteous, professional staff.

With our thanks,

Carmine and Eileen Pistilli
East Brunswick, New Jersey.


June 5, 2012
From LS1 Tech website

Kudos to County Corvette in Westchester, PA!

Let me start by saying that I own a 1999 C5 Vert with approx 63k miles, which had been recently modified by a well known shop with a new CAM, Fast 102 Intake, 42lb’ers, Nick Williams 102 TB and 4.10 Gears. After two separate visits with their in house tuner, the car left the shop averaging 8-13MPG on the highway! I did the math manually and the DIC was accurate. The shop blamed it on the 4.10’s and 42lb injectors and said that was how it was going to be.
After doing some research I wasn’t buying it and decided to move on and try another tuner.

As a member of the Corvette Forum I ended up going with one of their very well known and respected tuners and figured they would be a slam dunk. Well when I say they basically put me through hell and back is an understatement. It was a complete nightmare and ended up costing me another $1,100 in addition to the above mods. Tuner #2 had the MPG where they should be, but the car would not hold a steady idle, surging from 300-1400RPM’s at red-lights and constantly stalling. It was embarrassing to say the least! And if I turned on the AC forget about it!
At this point I was at my wits end and baffled how the other forum members did nothing but rave about these guys hence I took the chance and gave them a shot. I won't be unethical and mention any names, but it baffles me how some of these places are staying in business.
Now I know these shops are extremely busy this time of the year, but you shouldn’t just bring in every car you can get your hands on and do half assed work, half assed tunes and avoid customer phone calls, etc. It's called proper scheduling!!!

Anyway...this is when I decided to stay away from the recommendations of the Corvette Forum and attempt my own hunt for the right person. I knew there had to be somebody out there who could get it running right and put forth the correct effort in doing so. Well with a simple Google search I found County Corvette in West Chester, PA. Not knowing anything about them I called the shop and spoke with James Turner, their Performance Specialist, explaining my situation / frustrations and he was very professional stating their tuner (Mike from Rapid Motorsports) has been tuning their cars for the past 4-5 years and has a very good reputation. James then proceeded to say he would talk to Mike and get back to me. But having similar conversations talking to other shops, I wasn’t holding my breath.
Well I was already surprised that James got back to me the next day and setup and appointment to have Mike look at my car the following week. Having such bad customer service experiences with other establishments, I figured “here we go…they’re just going to just fit me in…yadda…yadda…yadda”.

Well when I arrived at their facility I was amazed! People this place is the real deal! And huge!
I met James who took me on a complete shop tour, starting out by showing me all the remarkable cars they had restored from the ground up, and took me through each department explaining all the work they perform. All I can say is that this place is awesome with a capital A. They do it all from A-Z. The shop (and cars) were absolutely meticulous! I worked in a body shop for 14 years and couldn’t believe how clean and organized this place was.
The last stop was meeting Mike from Rapid Motorsports at the dyno. It was nice to see that he wasn’t already working on another car!
I explained to him all my issues, who had their hands on the car, etc. and he proceeded to say with confidence “I’m going to just start from scratch”.
Well I have to tell you, I’ve been to four very well known tuners over the past two years and Mike has definitely impressed me the most. He’s the type of guy that won’t quit till its right and very thorough! He answered all my newbie questions without insult, and after about three-four hours had the car tuned perfectly!

As I’m a member of the Corvette Forum and have previously obtained much information from LS1Tech, I figured it was time to join and give County Corvette the recognition they deserve. If you get a chance I would highly recommend you stop by and check the place out. If you need a tune, Mike is da-man!

Joe Mahoney
New Jersey




June 4, 2012

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you and the folks from County Corvette. You guys did an excellent job with this car. The painting was done and the touchups look excellent blending very nicely. The idle of the car is exactly where I wanted it to be and the overall drive and feel of the car is much better than before.
Your customer service was impeccable and the way you went above and beyond with my "particular and peculiar" requests was greatly appreciated. If you guys are ever asked for any type of reference or endorsement by any prospective customer feel free to share my email. I will gladly tell anyone what a heck of a job you guys did. You can count on any of my future projects being done at your center.

Thanks again for everything, have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

Rafael Abreu


Hi Jim---

I wanted to update you on my ’67 Vette that you worked on several months ago.

Today is abeautiful, sunny 46 degree, Sunday afternoon which is perfect for a drive. As you may recall I picked up the car on December 26th and drove it home (40 miles) at which time I sent you a thank you for a job well done.

Due to weather and a work schedule that had me traveling quite a bit the car has been sitting  since then. I want to let you know that the Vette started right up today and I had a fun hour long drive that left me with a smile from ear to ear.

Needless to say I am grateful and pleased with the work that County Corvette has performed. I will be happy to refer anyone who is interested in your services.

Thank you again and I hope all is well with you and all those at County Corvette.

Joel Bowdler

Blue Bell, PA

Jan 30 2012
Hi Jim,

Ed and I would like to Thank you and Jim so very much for all of your kindness and great help on sat..

It was such a pleasure working with you both, so very different than a car agency..

I can not tell you how much Ed just loves this car..

It is just like new....such low miles...
Again Thank you so much!

I am sure that we will see you again now that we are a Corvette owner.
And I know Brian will be out to see you in the spring...

Take care


 Judy Green
 Philadelphia , Pa


November 15, 2011

  I would like to pass on to you, and your crew at County Corvette my heartfelt thanks for a job well done on my 74 big block coupe.  The car turned out better than I could have ever imagined.  I think back about how we got started together, and I can really see the value in the way everyone at CC approaches their job.  I clearly remember the early conversations where you were more or less hitting me over the head with how much effort, and the commensurate costwas involved in the journey I was contemplating. When I finally decided to have CC do the work, I was at the same time going on an overseas assignment, and therefore not able to stop in and check how you were doing. I actually think that your approach to progress, with a dedicated website, daily pictures posted was better than if I had stayed in the neighborhood.  Every day I checked to see what was going on, and really felt included in the work your crew did.  When I needed advice, from paint color to the smallest detail, you were always happy to point out what you thought, and I have too say, you were right on every decision!

Whenever I drive the car, someone, even little old ladies, who you would not take for "car guys", comment on the paint.  It is really a fabulous look.  I have about 2000 miles on the car since completion, and not a single issue.  My conclusion is that your skill, and honesty really drives a terrific outcome, both technically, andin customer service .  I think these qualities set County Corvette apart from your competitors.  Thanks so much for the great experience.  You know I am serious, because of our call last week to find me another Vette for you guys to do your magic one more time. 

Mike Gaffney - California


May 13, 2011


the repairs to the wife's car is outstanding!  You guys always amaze me with your extreme attention to detail and the superior quality of your workmanship. I can only imagine what my Pontiac will look like when I eventually bring it to CC.

Thank you,

Rob Morgan
Manannas VA


April 20, 2011

Dear Jim,
I know it has taken a while to get a letter to you, thanking your shop for its amazing work, but it took this long to find the right words.  

One of my first memories was riding in a car.  Actually, it was the car.  My Dad’s car, a 1969 blue corvette convertible he ordered new from a GM dealership in Newark, DE.   So young that I couldn’t see the speedometer, I was content watching the tachometer needle go up, then down as he shifted.   Given his propensity for safety, it must have been memorable for him as well, letting his toddler son ride around the block in a sports car.  

Cars were a dinner table subject growing up.  Sometimes it was comparisons between modern cars or their technologies, others it was on auto repair, but the best topic was 1960’s sports cars.  When I had a question about how cars worked, 1969 corvette shop manuals emerged from the basement, revealing exploded diagrams of the way cars were meant to be, before, as Dad claimed, “the 1970’s messed it all up”.  Most importantly, I was instilled with a love of American cars from the 1960’s, particularly Corvettes. 

Unfortunately, the car ended up with a problem that Dad didn’t have the time to diagnose while still working, then became ill soon after retiring, so the car sat, unused in the garage for quite some time.

 After my father passed away, he left the car to me.  Staring at it, I knew I didn’t have either the time or the expertise to bring this car back to its former glory.  I then called the good people at County Corvette.  Someone from your shop came on a sunny Saturday morning to tow the car in, you met with me to discuss my goals for the project, then kept me posted in Boston on the work’s progress.   It took a lot of trust to have someone work on such a special vehicle, as no one except my father had worked on the car, but after touring the shop and meeting the staff I knew I had made the right decision.     

Picking the car up, my Mother and I drove the car to Boston, a drive she and my Dad did often while they were dating long distance.  The work exceeded my wildest expectations. From the mechanical aspects, the fit and finish, and the gorgeous original matching paint color, the car became a time machine, transporting me to a time I had heard so much about as a child.  Mom told me she saw the smile of a kid at play on my face the whole way up. 

Jim, I want to thank you and the staff at County Corvette for bringing back something that tied me to my Dad, as well something I can share with my two boys.  I recommend your shop to anyone who cares about realizing his goals in a restoration project.

 I never asked Dad about the day he took me for a ride in the Corvette, but I know the feeling he must have had, seeing the look on my three year old son’s face when he too got a ride on his birthday in the car.  However, this time it was around a parking lot.

Some habits die hard.


 Jason Blank- Massachusetts


October 15, 2010

Dear Jim and the Staff of County Corvette,

Please accept my sincere thanks for the professionalism and kindness you and your staff extended to me as you repaired my Corvette.


Communication, uncompromising work ethics and many years of experience was evidenced throughout the process.  You kept me apprised of progress through the online dated photos as well as through numerous phone conversations.   I appreciate the way you selectively chose the parts to return the car to its pristine condition. Delivery of the finished product confirmed that County Corvette lives up to its reputation.  I look forward to on-going business with your great organization.
Again, many thanks for a job well-done.  You not only met my expectations, you exceeded them.  I am most grateful.

Ed Sasinowski




 The car got delivered on June 30 in perfect condition.  I was like an 18 yr old driving it home that evening.  The car came out better than I could have imagined.  I knew you guys were doing a top-notch job, but having it up close, and driving it really drove home just what a fantastic job County Corvette did for me.  Thanks to you and the whole team.

  We still need to sort out the surplus parts, so when Kevin gets a list, let me know.  Also, I would like to get the progress photos for my files.  I hope all is well with youand your family, and the team at CC.  Thanks for a beautiful job. 
 Mike Gaffney


June 10,2010
Jim and crew...thanks for taking my 61 into your helping hands and returning it a completely new car...Kudo's on a job perfectly done!
Bob Ogrey



Hi Jim:

Well you and Jim Stuempfle have demonstrated once again why County Corvette is a first class Corvette restoration shop standing above the rest. Your commitment to supporting worthwhile causes is testament to your leadership in the Corvette hobby and should provide an example for others to follow.

Best wishes for continued success.

Mark Rudnick


 Hi Jim
I just wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing job you did on y 1968 L89. The car achieved a high 90's score NCRS TOP FLIGHTon its first time out and we have had a great time with it since the restoration.
Best Regards
Joe Youkenevich

July 8 2009

Purchasing a vintage Corvette convertible was a wonderful experience, but also a significant financial investment for our family.  After working with other dealers, I was so impressed by the staff at County Corvette.  The sales staff was honest and helpful, and the service staff has gone above and beyond to make sure that everything is exactly how it should be. Each customer is valued by the organization.  No matter where I go in my 1967 Corvette convertible, someone always asks me about the car, and about where I purchased it.  Without hesitation, I am always happy to refer them to County Corvette in West Chester, PA!

Ed Gleason
West Chester, Pa

July 1 2009

"I have been a very satisfied customer of County Corvette for over two years. They have re-built and restored two 1957 Corvettes to concours condition for me. I am a member of NCRS and have won a large number of awards for these cars. They are honorable people and a "breath of fresh air" in their business relations. Integrity is important to me in my day to day dealings and I find Jim Stuempfle and Jim Jordan to be extremely reliable! I am very proud of my cars and count on County Corvette for all my on-going vintage car needs."

Jerome G. Brewis
Baltimore MD


July 7,  2009

I really appreciate the individual attention I was given. All the work done on my Corvette was first class. I would gladly recommend County Corvette to anyone who wants the same for their Corvette.

Tom Kerr
2008 Velocity YellowZ51 Coupe
Parts and Performance




June 7 2009

 Dear Jim,

   I would like the opportunity to write a true heart felt testimonial for you and all of your staff at County Corvette.  The first I patronized your facility.was in 2005.  I was searching for a reputable restoration shop, inquiring in shops in Texas, New york and New Jersey.  Your shop came up in casual conversation with fellow NCRS members, so I gave you a call. The rest is history. 

My first car "body off" restored by County Corvette was my '67 fully loaded coupe.  A superb 99+ point NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold and Vette Fest Gold Spinner/Triple Crown award winner, after receiving County Corvette's magic touch. 
  The next car up was my loaded '65 convertible.  The same type ;of body off restoration and the results were the same on the show fields.  A 99 point NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold and Vette Fest Gold Spinner/Triple Crown awards.  WOW factor!!!

   After my '65 restoration County Corvette received my red on red '63 split window for some chassis freshen up work.  The result were astounding, climbing up the NCRS points ladder from 98+ to 99+ points!  A huge improvement on this car.

   The last car (to date) to be body off restored by County Corvette was my super original fully documented red on red '66 450hp big block convertible.  Upon pulling the body off, stripping the paint and a full examination by your crew, Jim Jordan, your painter and pretty much everyone else, it was suggested the I restore this car in original lacquer paint.  After much thought, I gave you the "Go" on the lacquer job.  The results of this body restoration are (from the judges), awesome, pure, beautiful, spectacular!!!  This car has achieved a 99.1 NCRS Top Flight and Bloomington Gold awards.  Next up is the Vette Fest Gold Spinner/Triple Crown and Duntov judging.

 All I can say is County Corvette has won me over.  I would refer any and all corvette owners to County for any type of service be it mechanical, paint or a full blown restoration.  Keep up the GREAT work, friendly staff and

County Corvette will be around forever!!!


Bruce D. Crookham
Central New Jersey Judging Chairman


June 9, 2009
Dear Jim,
Just wanted to say well done after another great service experience. Justin and Jeff handled my repairs with their usual expertise and found another issue that was swiftley corrected. "When it has to be right" is not just a slogan at your facility, it is demonstrated every day by your team's actions. When it comes to service, I will never go anywhere else but where the pros are...County Corvette.
Jim McGoldrick


July 31,2008


I just came back from my first cruise after the installation of your Stage II Performance Package on my C6.  I have to say I am truly blown away!

I would honestly recommend this package (Vortex air induction, Kooks headers, Kooks midpipe, Corsa exhaust, 160 degree thermostat) to anyone looking for an upgrade that literally transforms the car.  The patented technology of Corsa's exhaust system allows the cabin to be quiet with all the sound coming from behind the vehicle.  When it's time to put the hammer down, the system is flawless while allowing for that initial "pop" to send the driver into "The Zone".  I chose, for the first time ever, to not listen to music once on my 2 hour ride so I could hear the amazing sound at all times (especially while starting and stopping).  My C6 is now a beast when I want it to be!!  This system allows me to have the option to really "kick it in" when needed.

Guys, thank you so much for your recommendation and for the results.  Everyone at County Corvette is a very dedicated, friendly and hard working person.  There is a reason your are the the number one Corvette company in the country.  One of the most well run businesses from top to bottom that I have ever come across.  Keep up the good work!

Regards -

John Warrington



I can’t say enough (good) about County Corvette:  the service, sales, and attention to detail were spectacular to say the least.  The entire shop was extremely helpful and friendly and made me feel right at home.  You can implicitly trust their judgment in making the right decisions when it comes to performance and safety.  I will never take my Corvette to anyone else and I’m over 100 miles away!  Thank you James and see you again soon!

Jim Slick

White Haven, PA


May 2009

I went to County Corvette, 315 Westtown Rd in West Chester today (610) 696-7888. This is the first time I have been there, and had a Mild-to-Wild installed, and they did my PA State Inspection.

I've lived in the surrounding area since 1982, and as this is my third Corvette, I'm sorry to say that I never knew of them before. I only learned about County Corvette through a local magazine ad that was delivered recently, but just in time to get some toys for my new car. I guess I should get out more often.

We hear about bad service all too often, but in this case, I wanted to say something positive about the great reception and service I received. I was met by James who took me for a guided tour through their expansive showroom, paint booth, ground up restoration shops, customizing shop, and maintenance shop. The facilities look relatively new, and the place is like a candy store for Corvette owners. 

They were restoring quite a number of late 50's and 60's Corvettes, as well as modifying some real track monsters. They also had quite a few older Vettes for sale. The shops are very well laid out and organized, and the people working there appear top notch. 

I appreciated my time spent while waiting for my car to be completed, after they took it right in for the service. I'm also glad I found them, and feel much better about where I will take my ZO6 whenever I want to upgrade something, or, and hopefully not, something happens to my car. Their workmanship is top shelf!


April 18,2008

Jim and Jim,
I have been driving the 66 you recently completed for me. It is perfect. I love to drive the car and it looks beautiful. Thank you for doing such a professional job on the repair work.
Paul Catinella 1966 Corvette.


The team at County Corvette is truly world class!  They possess a rare combination of being experts/craftsmen at what they do, professional and courteous, and a lot of fun to do business with!   The body work and paint job that they did on my car literally stops folks in the tracks.  Experts and collectors marvel at the workmanship.  The team exceeded my every expectation about professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, integrity, honesty, ease of communication, and quality of work.  They not only do outstanding work but they also share the passion for cars!  I cannot speak highly enough of County Corvette.

Caroline Tucker
2008 Corvette Wide Body Conversion, Concours refinish



September 11, 2007
    I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the tour of your facility.   I've been an Auto Appraiser for 18 years and have never seen a repair shop of this caliber.  As an Insurance Adjuster and Body Damage Manager I've been in hundreds of Body Shops in the Delaware Valley and yours has to be the pinnacle of Auto Restoration and Repair.   Many repair shops may specialize in one aspect of repair (body damage) or another (engine rebuild) but your people do it all.   The example of the paint work you showed me was TOP QUALITY, I thought I would be able to find a flaw but wasn't, it was a eye opening experience. 
    As a corvette enthusiast and owner I was blown away by the size and scope of your operation.  There are many body shops out there that claim to be the best, but with all my experience, I believe your shop is BEST I've seen out there.  
    No one knew who I was when I drove up, but all of your staff were friendly and helpful.  Even your partner , Jim, was friendly and down to earth.  He seemed more like an uncle or old friend then the partner of a TOP QUALITY Corvette repair facility. Everyone I came in contact with had a smile and a hello, you don't see that anywhere this day and age.
   Again, THANK YOU for your time. I know your very busy and to take the time (1 hour) to show me around and enlighten me to how a car should be repaired was a valuable experience.  I will take you up on your offer and stop by again soon.  
                                                                                  Joe Z


Mr. Jim Stuempfle

County Corvette
315 Westtown Road
West Chester, PA 19382

Dear Jim,

It is a pleasure to write a true life "Testimonial" for you, and all of your team at County Corvette.

I am the proud owner of one fully documented, Top Flight, 1972 LT-1 with air coupe. She was found at Corvettes of Carlisle four years ago, and has just over thirty three thousand original miles on the odometer. And, yes, my other car is a Chevy too; a newer LT Suburban.

About two years ago I was looking for a high end professional shop to do a full, frame off restoration. Your shop came highly recommended by many people, to include other professionals, and my brother in law who is a customer with his fully original 1970 big block convertible. After meeting you and your team, I was immediately impressed with the outstanding facilities, incredible paint booth, and extremely knowledgeable and friendly members of the CC Team. Work began in a timely fashion, proceeded in a very organized manner, and I was kept regularly and fully informed as the project moved along. You provided many photos, and an explanation of the work. You and all of the team were very helpful making on-the-fly decisions for the little extras that pop up with a job of this magnitude.

During the course of this project, I made the trip from Washington, DC to your facilities many times, and was always warmly greeted and received prompt, professional answers to my many questions. Well within the estimated time for completion, I received word that the car was ready for delivery. To say that I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when I saw the finished work is to pay you my highest compliment. The car looks and drives better than new. The engine has performed flawlessly, and I am complimented on the paint, fit and finish every time she is out of the garage.

I am pleased to provide this letter, that you are free to use as my endorsement and total satisfaction with the work and services provided by you and all the members of the County Corvette Team.

Whether a full frame off, or just a tune up, your shop can be expected to provide warm, friendly and expert service. My sincere thanks and best wishes for your continued success and prosperity!

Best Regards,


Vincent C. Lucas, CPA, PC



Hi Jim,

This is Louis Rokas. I have been meaning to make contact and inform you the 66 has achieved a Top Flight at this years Australian Chapter NCRS meet. I also learned a few things about the car which might be considered anomalies, being that it is such an early 66 built vehicle. After great confusion on the judging field it was established that such early build vehicles may have many components with serial numbers which would be considered correct for a 65 vehicle. We also established that the car is not an air-condition delete vehicle as was first thought but has a 65 configured engine bay. Thanks to the articles in the restorer.

All in all I am very happy with the result as Roy Sinor was personally involved with the judging and confirm that the car is authentic.

I will try to shoot off some pictures if the car with the blue ribbon.

Best Regards

Louis Rokas


J. Durst
New York
The devoted and capable personnel are what makes your organization work. Each guy/ person that I met was committed to the highest quality work product. Thank you for making the entire process no only extremely successful, but enjoyable as well.



David Santangelo,
New Jersey
Great Facility, thanks for wrapping up the my deal. Jim really went the extra step!

Sal Angelo
Astoria, New York

Hi Jim,

    I would like to thank you and your staff at Count Corvette for the professional and courteous treatment extended to myself on my recent acquisition. From the first phone call which I made and spoke with Lou, who made me feel very confident that a potential purchase could become a reality to Lou actually making the delivery.

        All of the personnel that I interfaced with at your complex were also very knowledgeable and courteous. Your shop and show room were the most impressive that I have ever seen in my 25 years of Corvette ownership and hobby-type restoring. Also, not to forget the people who answer the calls to County Corvette. They can turn an ordinary day into a cheerful one.

        Again thank you and keep selling Corvettes at a brisk pace.

  Sal Angello

 Jim and Justin were the best. It would be great if County Corvette ran a training school for dealerships on how to do a job right. I look forward to dealing with you guys again!! Take Care!
Larry Crawford

George Alberti
Middletown, PA

I wanted to drop you this note to let you know how extremely pleased I am with the work that your team did on my 79 Corvette. The car runs and handles terrific. I was amazed with your attention to detail and customer service. In the future, County Corvette will be the only shop that works on my car. Thanks again and give Justin a big "Atta-Boy".

Rick Moore
West Chester, PA

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jim – I just wanted to say thank you for the service work you performed on my ’91 Convertible last week. As always, both you and Justin kept me informed as to what needed to be done. The car is running like a champ, since you installed the new ECM. And, when I came in to pick-up the car last Saturday, it was spotless (too bad we got so much snow over the weekend…so I really couldn’t go for a long drive)

It was nice of you to show me a few of the mid-years you’re restoring, and to spend the time to tell a few stories. Taking time with customers is a rare thing in today’s rushed business world.

 As a Corvette owner, I feel fortunate to live so close to one of the best Corvette facilities in the country. It’s great doing business with County Corvette. You and Jim Jordan run a top-notch operation.


Gene Schilling
Saturday February 11, 2006
06:55:19 AM

Hey Guys,
I just had to tell you what a fantastic job you did on my 66 Vette. I have never, ever been so
pleased or impressed with an automobile service organization in my life. The entire staff at
County Corvette has been awesome and generious. The level of service you provided me with, far
exceeded any of my expectations. As a manager in a Customer service center, you guys hit the
(WOW) factor that we try to achieve each and every day. Please make sure that your entire staff knows how pleased your customers are when you take the time to care. People like myself notice. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.



Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 4:57 PM
To: Jim Stuempfle
Subject: RE: 1971 vette


Jim,  Thank you very much for taking care of the little problems, please thank your men also.  I do not think I can remember a group of people that were so polite and caring.  You have a 1st class company and I am happy to be a customer.


Yours truly, Richard Greene




Thanks for the patience in accommodating my temp park
at your place pending insurance beaurocracy red tape.

As usual, excellent job and fair price. Very happy
with your commitment and high quality servicing.

I don't know how you do it but you sure know all about
what you are doing because it looks perfect which I
already know as you stated before is your objective.

In supplemental, I am indebted to you for also
realigning my passenger door which drove me crazy.
Another superlative job for a great price.

Your service department also even answered several
queries I conjectured about further maintenance of my
vehicle in specific ways which will be of certain

I anticipate a congenial and mutually beneficial
relationship between us for hopefully a long future.

:<) ... Thx!
Carl Schmid



Jim: Just wanted to thank you for the work done on the 1992 Corvette. Running really good. Your Customer Service person (Barb) contacted me the other day as a follow up. Good practice. I would recommend your operation to anyone looking to service or restore a Corvette.

Thanks, and wish you and your entire staff a blessed week.

Jose M. Quintana




Hi Jim

This is is just a brief note to let you know that the 66 in now Down Under and its every thing you said it is. Thanks for a great car. I don't think that I could have purchased any better a vehicle even if I was in the U.S my self. Attached is picture of my son and I next to our latest corvette acquisition. I will send you pictures next year when Roy Sinor and other members of NCRS are over to judge in the second meet of the Australian NCRS chapter. Hopefully with a blue top flight ribbon.

Thanks once again for all your help in the purchase of this vehicle.

Louis Rokas, Victoria, Australia


On behalf of the members of the Central New Jersey Chapter NCRS, who had the pleasure of visiting County Corvette this past Saturday, I would like to sincerely thank you for your most generous hospitality and excellent tour of your facility. Everyone was incredibly impressed with the absolutely first rate business you have established in West Chester.

The standards you set for your business in 1986 are clearly realized and evident throughout your facility and in the Top Flight restorations on display. Unquestionably, you r commitment to your original business mission, countless hours of hard work and meeting numerous business challenges, has allowed County Corvette to experience a level of success uncommon in the Corvette Restoration business.

Having had the pleasure of touring County Corvette and meeting your personnel, I welcome the opportunity of recommending your services when asked for advice, as I often am, as the contact person for the Central New Jersey Chapter NCRS.

Best Wishes for much continued success pursuing your passion while serving the Corvette community so well.


Mark Rudnick, Chairman
Central New Jersey Chapter NCRS, Inc.




I really appreciate your assistance with respect to the letter regarding the mismatch repaint of the front end by the *********Auto Body shop in Lakewood NJ. I would like you to point out things such as the gouge in the top of the passenger side front fender (which was caused by ******** Auto Body when they refinished the front end), and how it was simply painted over. In addition, I advised the ********* Chevrolet service manager that rust formed in the paint by the windshield corners where the water accumulated from the faulty windshield installation, and how the paint was cut through in the lower corner of the driver side where the windshield meets the body. I also advised them about the urethane being the incorrect material to use and how the windshield area was not properly prepared. In addition, I mentioned how the paint peeled off the pillars when the windshield was removed because of all the excess urethane that was used in the installation. 

I further advised them that it was more economical for me to repair the spider web crack by the rear corvette emblem at this time because you had to re-shoot the coupe top and blend into the doors because of the mismatch paint color and faulty windshield installation.

I want to thank you again for your professional workmanship. You are a great group of people.


John Mangione
New Jersey



Dear Denny, I want to thank you for all the time and effort that you extended to me, personally, in my effort for a set of custom wheels for my Corvette. Youmade me your personal friend: you made me a believer in County Corvette's excellence in service and you made me want to come back to County Corvette for almost anything I will need for my Vette.
I came to you for help inlearning about a product, custom 15" wheels for my 1980 Vette.You listened to me. You researched my needs.You kept me informed, constantly, of your progress.  You pointed me in the right direction for the wheels I eventually bought. Then you arranged for their installation.
I don't believe I would have gotten this level of personal service any place except through you at County Corvette.
The Vette, I call "Charley" is now the Vette of my dreams. you are responsible for satisfying the most integral and dramatic part of those dreams.
Thank you.
Sincerely, James J. Charley
very proud Corvette Owner and Denny Parisan's friend!

Hi Jim!  I just wanted to let you know that I have received your recent phone message concerning the white '63.   Your call was well timed, - I've been wanting to get in touch with you to discuss the service that we had received from County Corvettes.   Jim, it was truly a pleasure to do business with your company.    Your description of the Split Window was very accurate and honest (unlike some that I have received from other Corvette dealers - ******* / Ohio - what a joke).  In addition, you never tried to "exaggerate the quality" or "oversell" the car.   I don't want to sound like I'm on County Corvettes payroll, but you have won (or earned) the business from a lifelong Corvette Collector.   You will be my first call when we decide to purchase another classic Corvette.  Also, Karen was so impressed with your operation that we have discussed shipping our concourse '57 fuelie to you guys for a repaint.  It is a former show car that still looks excellent, however a few stress cracks are starting to appear.  Anyway, - I'll talk to you about that at a later date.

The '63 fuelie is very impressive - the car drives excellent and probably looks better than it did on the show room floor!    We'd like to thank both Lou Serra and yourself for your professionalism and courtesy.  If either Karen or myself can ever be of assistance in the Salt Lake area, please feel free to give us a call!  Also, if you are ever in the area let me know, I'd love to share a meal with you!   Again, thanks for everything!  We're looking forward to working with you and County Corvettes again in the future!

Mark Koncar,
Salt Lake City Utah


Dear Jim,

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the body and paint work that you gentlemen performed on my 1973. The color match, as well as the workmanship is excellent. The personal service by both of you and bill Stanfield and the shop tour, was very impressive. Im glad County Corvette was there to restore my paint work, and you can be sure that my sons and I will pass along many positve words in regards to your fine craftmenship, services and courteous staff.
See you at the shows

Mike Pomante


Dear Jim,
Thank you for a job well done. My 63 has never ran so well. I also want to say thanks for the touchup on my rear deck lid. The paint looks great! Your staff and mechanics are very professional and well trained. I will recommend County Corvette to everyone that has a need for your expertise in repairing classic Corvettes. County Corvette will be the only place I take my car for any types of repairs.

Harry Lombardo Jr.
Gibbstown, NJ


Dear Jim,

  It was a pleasure working with you in delivering the exact 1960 Corvette of my dreams. As I shared with you after a long search for the right Corvette from many other sources your effort succeeded and exceeded my expectations in obtaining the perfect car.

   The entire experience from our first meeting, to the interaction with your team through the process was most helpful and enjoyable.

   I could not more highly recommend anyone to provide someone their perfect Corvette.

Ron Padula
Chadds Ford, PA

January 21, 2004

Dear Jim,
   Yesterday's drive home in my vette was the most fun I have had behind the wheel in a lot of years. Thank you, you were right, the car is great.
   I have bought a lot of cars in the past years and have usually left the dealership with some doubts in my mind, but you and your staff are some of the nicest people I have ever done business with. During the past weeks, through email and phone conversations, I was made to feel welcome. It was nice to meet the staff and finally see the people I was dealing with. And of course it was great to see my car waiting for me.

    I have been in the automotive business for many years and visited a great deal of different shops. Your facility is excellent, the different shops are clean and well maintained and I can see that all of the cars are given the attention they deserve. But the one thing that stands out the most is my leaving. Most car dealers give you the keys and say "Good Luck". You handed my the keys and said "Have Fun". I am.
  Thanks again. You will be seeing me again when it's time to move up to a newer car, but I can't imagine ever wanting to trade in this one.

Frank Gallob
Wyndmoor, PA

November 7, 2003

Dear Jim,

I have meaning to drop you a note since this past summer. The restoration on my 67 roadsters suspension is great. Although it took a bit longer then anticipated, it was worth the wait. Justin did a fabulous job! I have received numerous compliments. Recently you graciously went out of your way to assist me when I purchased a 61 fuelie. Your help and interest was greatly appreciated. “When it has to be right” says it all.

Give my best to Jim, Arno and everyone at County Corvette.


Rob Margolies

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you, your organization, and especially Jim for allowing me to tour your facility today.  I really appreciate the individual attention that I was given.  Many organizations today are reluctant to give tours to groups, let alone an individual, so for that fact in itself, I'm grateful.  Needless to say, I was highly impressed with all aspects of your operation.  The extraordinary attention given to each vehicle at your facility impressed me the most.  When it comes time for a restoration of my '72 convertible, I would have complete confidence in placing it in your hands.  Thank you, again, for taking time to show me your operation.

Mike Hovis


Hi Jim,

The car is perfect, even my wife Denise likes it!
Thanks, so much.

Marty Smith

  Jim, I don't own a Corvette at present (have had three),  though I am looking again and have been poking around eBay and a lot of Corvette websites for a couple of months now.  I'm way over here in Salt Lake City, Utah, but I just wanted to take a moment and send along my compliments to you for a superb website.  If (when) I do get my mid-year I am for sure putting you guys on my very short list of pros for anything I need.  Nice work.  You get my business just because of the way you present yourselves.  Congrats, and best wishes .... Bob Poole

Thanks again!

Jim – I was happy to be able to lead my brother Doug to you, and that he found a Corvette (the ’73 convertible with the 454) that suited his needs (and his dreams).
   He drove his new “baby” over to my house last night to show it off…and he raved about the whole “experience” he had with County Corvette, and about the great treatment he received from you in particular. I’m sure he’ll be a life-long Corvette lover…and customer.
   While I wasn’t in the position – a year ago – to do business with you, my experience in working with you (through several test drives of several different model-year Corvettes…trying to find the year/car that best-suited my needs) was so positive that I had no hesitation in steering Doug your way.
   Some day, I’ll get that Corvette I’ve wanted for so long. And, County Corvette will certainly be at the top of my list when I’m ready to “go shopping”.

    Thanks again for making Doug’s first “Corvette experience” such a positive one.

 Best regards,

 Rick Moore, West Chester, PA

RE: Scott Crandle's 1966 Corvette Coupe
Dear Jim and Staff,

I wanted to send an email thanking all of you for the hard work and extra effort put into repairing my car.

I've owned my car since June's beyond just a special car to me. I did the majority of the work on my car from 1983 to 1985 (refinishing and repainting). When this accident happened I felt like my car would never be right again. County Corvette's motto is "When it Must Be Done Right" and that is exactly what I got! Tracking progress pictures on the internet was great - it looked good in the photos and even better in person. I can truly say my car was done right (coming from someone who is extremely critical).
I think there were several factors against getting the car done right:

  • The age of the paint job was over 18 years (and many rules and regulations have changed since then).

  • The accident was dead center on the front of the car - not many places are more visible than this spot.

  • Availability of the paint was questionable. Candy Brandy Wine Tri-Color Maroonish Red can be impossible to match.

When I dropped my car off, Jim Stuempfle left me with the feeling that if anybody could do this job, County Corvette could - I could see the passion and professionalism when I walked in. I trailered my car over 700 miles each way from western Michigan, and knowing now the quality of workmanship I recieved I would have driven even further.
Thanks to Cathi Wakeman at Hagerty Insurance for the speed and professionalism in handling my claim.

Thanks again to the entire staff at County Corvette and Hagerty Insurance for repairing my car and meeting my highest expectations!

Scott Crandle

P.S. Jim S. please copy your staff thanks



Dear Jim:

Now that Tom and I are home and settled down, I want to say a special, "Thank You," for the kind attention you gave us at your shop last Friday and Saturday, and really, throughout the time we were working on the sale.  It is so refreshing to deal with people like you and your partner, Jim.  You guys are a true class act, every step of the way.

We took your advice and had a great Italian meal at Fiorello's, and toasted the trip, car, and County Corvette.  Thanks for the recommendation, you were right on target.  It was the icing on the cake for the trip.

As I expected, the '79 is already getting attention.  Late Sunday afternoon my 9-year-old son and I took it down the street to the local car cove.  A few Corvette die-hards instantly wanted to know its specs, and close inspection confirmed their suspicions that this is all original.  None of them had ever seen original condition close to approaching this one.  Of course, they cited exceptions of 63's and 67's, . . . . . that they'd seen in museums or private collections.  Guess we'll go to Bloomington next Spring!

Anyway,  I know you're busy, I just wanted to say Thanks again, and convey my appreciation for a truly enjoyable and completely fulfilling trip to County Corvette.  Please pass on my best wishes to Jim, also.  He was so helpful and was a real pleasure to meet.  If you ever need customer endorsements, you can count on me.  Just give me a call.  I'll be visiting your website often.

Please note my home email and keep in touch.  Maybe we'll see you at Bloomington!  Hope to talk with you again very soon!

All the best to you and your team,

Mike Trainor
Midland, Michigan

Mr. Jim Stuempfle and Jim Jordan

How does one begin to say thank you for the time, effort and expense you incurred on our behalf for the facility tour and lunch this past Saturday? I don't have the answer to that question, so I hope a sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" will suffice.

Since Saturday afternoon, I have heard nothing but words of praise for your facility and your commitment to quality from every MASACC member attending this weekend's event.

I wouldn't be surprised if you see some of these members over the next few years when they need work performed on their cars. I showed the stereo system to everyone on Sunday and several asked questions and showed an interest in possibly doing something similar. I guess time will tell.
Please don't hesitate to contact meif I or the Mid- Atlantic chapter of the Solid Axle Corvette Club can be of assistance in the future.

Again , our most sincere appreciation.

Best Regards,
Brad Bean

Jim and Jim,

Thanks fordoing everything right- again and again and again.
Al and Ann Scwacke
Glen Mills, PA

Jim (both), Thank you for the tour of your beautiful shop facilities. If I weren't a DIEHARD Ford man, I might even be tempted to have your staff do a "Vette" for me.
I was especially impressed with the can-do, no problem attitude of your staff, a good team is so very hard to put & keep together.
With the addition of your new body man you now have arguably the best "glass man" in the area, ( modesty prohibits me from saying the best on the East coast). I want to thank you for the hospitality and look forward to seeing more of your work at some of the shows in the Virginia Hampton Roads area.
If I do ever get a classic to restore, I wouldn't hesitate a minute to bring it to you.
Thanks Again,
Andy Herd


Hi Jim,

  Wow!  I'm amazed!  And, glad I made the decision to let your experts work on my car.  The craftsmanship displayed in the photos is nothing short of remarkable!  You have my unreserved admiration and thanks.
  I'll start looking at my calendar a little closer and see if I can squeeze
in a day trip for a visit.  Thanks again for the outstanding work!  Regards,
Chris Storbeck, Atlanta Georgia


   I'd like to express my appreciation for the way County Corvette handled the repairs to my car.

   It started with a miserable experience - having a 10 month old C-5 smashed at an intersection! Then I contacted you folks. You arranged immediate pick-up by a service that used nylon straps rather than chains to tie down the "patient," preventing further damage in transit. Then you reached agreement with the insurance company on the repairs, despite the fact that the insurers thought a "specialty shop" might not work within their rates. Then you managed to track down several hard-to-locate parts, normally reserved for new production Vettes only. Then you put all those hard-won pieces back together with exceptional craftsmanship. It's just the way it was when I picked it up new, at the dealership.

  All I can say is BRAVO! It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Evan Sampatacos
West Chester, PA




Just a note thanking you for the great repair job on the transmission your mechanic did on my 1985 Corvette. The transmission never worked that well when I bought the car new in March of 1985.

I don't know his name but "N.B." did one heck of a repair job.
Being a newcomer to the area, I am happy that I found County Corvette, or as I call it - "Corvette Heaven".
Your great work ethic and fair prices have made me a new loyal customer.

Thank you ,

Stan Gunsburg.

Hi Jim,

Just a word to let you know everything went good on the way home. Beth and I had a good trip out there and back.
I want to thank you for the tour of the shop. every kid who's ever pulled a motor under a tree would love to see your shop and would appreciate it. The car looked real good. I think I miss it more than I didbefore. Beth said that you were planning on driving it a little after you get the carburetor worked on. I think that would be a good idea since there have been many things apart over the past few months. I also got some good pictures of you shop.
Once again thanks for everything. It was real nice doing business with good people.
Steve Stuart , Logansport Indiana

Dear Jim,
    I've got to tell you how much of a joy and pleasure it was to meet you and to have had an honest , no hassle, professional relationship in the sale of my 1991 Vette. Sorry to say, but this trust seems to be a veryrare commodity in today's world. You have reinforced my long-standing belief that no contract is any better than the people you are dealing with.
    I am looking forward to the opportunity of seeing you again or working with you in the future.
    Best of everything to you and your fine organization.
Bill Wallace

   Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you since getting my '86
coupe I have had little time for anything else but cruising around and
showing it off to anyone and everyone I meet. I want to thank you for
helping me realize a dream I have had since I was 16 years old, living
in the Windy City of Chicago. Finally I own a really awesome Corvette, thanks to County Corvette. It was hard to believe it would happen but you guys held up your end of the bargain while I secured the financing.
I want to thank you all for holding it for me as long as you did, and
for a classy delivery through Intercity Lines, when I saw the tractor
trailer sitting in the parking waiting for me, I was really floored to
see that My Corvette had been transported completely enclosed, fully
protected from the elements and was sitting in there where the really
classic cars are delivered to the really big shows, the ones they show
on TV!. Yes it was a very memorable and pleasurable experience. I am sure I will be back down the road when it is time for me to get another one. And I know that I will get a really great deal from all of you there at County Corvette. Also watching to see how you guys restore my 1975 Stringray trade in. Will be checking your site out on a regular basis, thanks again Jim it really drives nice! Sincerely Robert W. Cox
Columbia SC

December 21, 2000
I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent looking at my car today and providing what I consider invaluable advice!  Rest assured, the next time my Corvette needs work (which will most likely be tomorrow :-), I will bring my business to you.  You could easily have had me re-paint, re-interior, and restore my car, but instead you helped me make an educated decision -- and I truly appreciate that.  I will take your advice and work on getting the mechanical and engine detailing correct before mucking up a perfectly decent paint and interior job just to make it original.  I will probably do this eventually anyway but now I have a plan.  So I wanted to say thank you for "doing the right thing" and advising a customer based on need/desire not profit.

I wish you a lot of luck (and no problems) in your pending move.  Let me know when you get settled in.  I have a '73 that needs some attention too! Jim, I have much work to be completed over the coming year and would love to have you guys complete it for me.  Thanks in advance for the quality job I know you will do - and have a safe and happy holiday season -

Merry Christmas!

NCRS #35083

Patrick J. Bush
Vice President
Desktop Computing Division
MBNA Hallmark Information Systems

October 27, 2000

Attn: Jim Jordan
Thank you for your efficiency in purchasing my '61 Vette and returning my radio connection.
Please keep me in mind for the big block '66 roadster we discussed and be sure to let me know when your grand opening is for your new location as I willtry to make it.
Thanks again.

Very truly yours,
Jeffrey Goldaman

July 13, 2000

Jim S. Jim J. Nate and Randall,

It was an absolute pleasure in meeting all of you, when I brought my 62 in for work. The quotes were fair and the work was performed quickly and professionally. I had a very high comfort level from the moment I spoke with Jim S. about what I wanted to do, and what his recommendations were. I never felt as though anything was being "sold". I feel I have made new friends as well as creating a business relationship. I most definitely will be back, for routine maintenance as well as additional restoration projects.

The car has never run so well! It is like new.

Sincerely, Rob M.

Hi Jim,
Everything went fine on my trip home to New York.  The car runs great.  My neighbors have now promised to stop breaking my shoes
over getting rid of my original-mint-25 year old Nova! Like me, they like this "more better". I thank you for the courtesy and the relative ease of the transaction.   I'll be sure to recommend you to other prospective 'vette owners/restorers.
Ed Britton
Littleton, New York

Dear Jim:

   Should have written months ago. The Bright Aqua Metallic 92 is operating perfectly-I have no regrets. Have put about 3000 on it so far,turned 50.000 today. My wife really had fun right after we got it. She drove it to work and turned a lot of heads. One girl didn't believe her when Alma told her it was hers. One individual I work with couldn't believe I let my wife drive it-go figure that one.  We both enjoy the car and are very satisfied. When the opportunity arises I plug your business.  Please tell Jimmy S. to be careful with his 421. Will close for now.

Tim Gracey  
State College Pa

Dear Jim and Jim:                                                                              March 23, 1999

    Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying the '67 air coupe. The car is everything you represented it to be and then some. Thanks also for arranging delivery. The car arrived on time and spotless. You obviously spent some time going over the car before it was loaded. I appreciate your attention to detail. Any time you need a reference, I'm it!

   Please keep me in mind for a '62. In this case I might even be interested in a "project".

Regards, Bill Faivre                                                                                                        Madison, Wisconsin


Dear Mr. Jordan:                                                                              2/6/1999

   I recently purchased a 1993 Corvette from County Corvette.

   Around April, 1998 I approached one of the owners of County Corvette, Mr. Jim Jordan, asking him to look out for a 1993 Corvette for me to purchase. The car must be clean and have low mileage I told Jim. Jim informed me that it may take some time, however he was very sure that he could find me such a car.

   He called me in early July, 1998 telling me he had found a clean, low mileage 1993 Corvette and I should take a look at at it. I drove from Ocean City, Maryland to County Corvette in Pennsylvania to find a 1993 white Corvette with a white interior, exceptionally clean with only 32,000 miles. This VETTE was exactly what I wanted. We negotiated a fair deal on the VETTE and I picked it up the following week.

   Since then the VETTE has turned out to be everything I had expected and then some. it looks brand new and runs perfectly. I have really enjoyed driving my VETTE and get many compliments from my friends.

   Mr. Jordan is a very friendly and personable gentleman to deal with and I now consider him a close personal friend of mine. If I decide to buy a newer VETTE in the future, I intend to buy it from Jim Jordan.

Thanks for everything,                                                                                                 Roland Hartman                                                                                                             Ocean City, Maryland


Dear Jim S., Jim J., Randal and Nate,                                            12/24/1998

    I would like to thank you for all the work you've done on my "69" in order to get it street ready. The work has been exemplary and the service and organization of your business extremely professional.            

    I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with you regarding Corvettes in general and in particular Jim S., your advice on the IN's and out's of the NCRS competition. I look forward to working with you in the future as I am sure the 30 yearold Vette will dictate.           

  As a novice in the Corvette hobby, I have already met many sincerely nice, knowledgeable, and helpful people. You all are certainly at the top of my list.


Micheal and Donna Casciatti                                                                                        Lancaster, Pennsylvania



     I'd like to personally express my thanks to you, Jim Jordan and your staff for your kindness and support over the past year.

  • When I needed to display show cars at a local Hardware you and Jim volunteered your time to bring two cars.

  • When I neededhelp to service our trailer, Jim Jordan offered his assistance to extract a wheel lock to remove a flat tire which was unsafe and impossible for me to remove.

  • When the Delaware Valley Chapter of the NCRS needed to meet our "national requirements" by having a Judging Seminar, you volunteered your time and facility.

  • Justin Luton's mechanical skills are unparalleled, as he was able to resurrect an 850 Holley carburetor which I was told was "junk" by other mechanics and fabricated a difficult "stock appearing" fuel line for my son's Buick.

    On behalf of myself and as the Newsletter editor of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society, I'd like to complement you and your staff for support above and beyond the average restoration shop.

Best Regards, Tony Saggesse


Dear Jim,

   On behalf of myself and the members of the Keystone State Corvette Club I'd like to extend our thanks to you, Jim Stuempfle and the staff for your assistance and help with our August meeting.

  Our members were very impressed with your organization. Not only is your work first class, but your shop is truly a professional facility. Thanks again.

Frank J. Dubek,  President


Dear Jim,

  When I purchased my '69 Vette in 1971, I never would have dreamed I'd still have it 173,000 miles later. Thankfully I was referred to you and your partner Jim Jordan , as my '69 was completely worn out. Since you returned it to me at the end of February, I feel like a kid at Christmas! Your workmanship in every detail of the restoration was perfect. It's like getting a new car, but not paying the price of a new one. Your cost was very reasonable in my opinion and now I can drive it for another 20 years thanks to you and your excellent staff. Thanks for everything that you did!

Sincerely, Bill Schoener                                                                                                 P.S Your engine man really made that 350/350 run strong and fast!


Dear Jim & Jim,

    I would like to personally thank you for the superb effort you fellows did restoring to better than original condition my 1963 Split Window Coupe.  the knowledge , expertise and craftsmanship you displayed during the restoration was far superior to any shop I have encountered. Your exact attention to detail was very impressive, as is evident by the the recent top flight award by the NCRS meet at Bryner Chevrolet.                                                Needless to say-- I am extremely happy and proud to have met the two "J's" of    County Corvette. Keep up the excellent work, and if I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call.                                                                 Again, thank you and please keep up the splendid work.

Best Regards,                                                                                                             Gus Monastero                                                                                               President/ CEO     Polyphase Corporation


Dear Jim,

   I would like to thank you for the work you performed on my 1969 L-88. In the last few years the car has achieved a Bloomington Gold Certificate and 5 NCRS top flight awards since you and Jimmy restored it. In Cypress Gardens this year , Vette Vues, Corvette Fever, and Vette magazine all did photo shoots on the car. The car was featured in all three magazines. The car took top scoring honors at the Delaware Valley Chapter NCRS show in October with an overall score of99.5%. I would also like to mention the engine rebuild, since it was rebuilt it now runs like a true L-88.

  Just an update on 1967 435 convertible since you did the car earlier this year. It took best of show awards at the Corvette Club of   Northern Delaware NCCC show in Wilmington and at the Cavalcade of Corvettes show in Willow Grove. It also achieved a Bloomington Gold Certificate in June. Thanks Again. Sincerely,                                                                                                                        

Frank Stech, Jr.                                                                                                               Pitman, New Jersey


Dear Jim,

    I've been meaning to send you and your team a note of appreciation since I got my "toy" back. When I brought the car in I was expecting some work was going to have to be done to get through inspection plus do some extra things that I wanted checked and attended to.

     As luck would have it when you got into the work things were found that weren't expected. When I think about it this doesn't come as a surprise. What was a very pleasant surprise was the professional way you communicated by phone and then showed me in your shop the things that you found. The cost estimates before the you did the work I believe were fair. There were no surprises with the final bill and the workmanship was outstanding.

Thanks from a happy "66" Corvette owner who will be back!                                Frank Rottier                                                                                                                     Malvern, PA

These are just a few of the many letters of appreciation we getquite often. Thanks for taking the time to read them. If you would like to speak to some of our customers we are more than happy to send references. Please don't hesitate to ask!





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