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Restomod Body & Paint

We start with a clean body donor car. The less body damage the better.

We then carefully disassembly the the body trim and determine condition for restoration or replacement.

The body is then stripped of paint

Cracks are identified and repaired.

We precisely fit trim parts to body to the standard desired by client.

The body is then fitted to the new chassis.

All panels are set for proper alignment to the new chassis.


Once all panels are aligned and gapped the body is prepared for a coating of epoxy.

 The body is sanded and further precise gapping and leveling is done.


Once fully prepped the body is coated with polyester filling primer.

The client then chooses a color from sprayouts we create.

The polyester is carefully sanded.

A urethane primer is the applied.


The underbody is prepped for a coating of sound deadening undercoating.

Larger sprayout are test painted when requested.

Once fully prepared the paint process begins.

Areas like jambs , trunk and undersides of panels are painted.

The outer shell of body is now prepared for paint.

This painting process is often applied in various stages especially with pearl based paints.

Any second tone panels are painted.

The body is then sanded for polishing and additional components are painted to match.

The polishing process begins.

The underbody is now treated with a sound deadening under coat.

More sound deadening is installed.

Trim components are carefully fitted.