We have been restoring and repairing classic cars for 30 years!

It’s never too late to service your classic vehicle. We can get your classic car out of the garage and back onto the road performing as it should. Our extensive history with a wide variety of vehicles of all ages makes us the right choice to service, repair and restore your classic car.

Most modern repair shop nowadays only focus on the  electrical components in vehicles and generally are not set up to deal with older systems like carburetors and points. However, our experts are. We have the skills that can bring any classic vehicle back properly running, in driving condition and any cosmetic, or custom work you want.

We have procedures that will allow us to take a car that has been sitting for many years and safely restart it without damaging anything.

These classics below are just a few cars that we regularly service and repair!

We can also be your one stop facility for maintenance on your cherished classic. From annual inspection to full and partial restoration and even custom building we can help!

Below are all cars that we have done the complete restorations and builds on. We can definitely help you with your classic!



  • Regular Maintenance

  • All Mechanical Repairs

  • Electrical Diagnostics and Repairs

  • Engine, Transmission and Rear Differential Repairs and Remanufacturing

  • Suspension & Tire Packages

  • Chassis Restoration

  • Body repair, paint

  • Digital photo project documentation

  • Alignment

  • Structural Repair/Rust repair

  • Custom design and modernization

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Corvette Service Repair Maintenance

County Corvette has the capacity to work on 45 to 50 Vehciles at any given time. We also have room for 15 classic or late model cars indoors in our separate warehouse. Another unique concept that differentiates us from other shops is that any car in our service areas are being worked on. If cars are waiting for parts for more than a few days, they are moved to our enclosed indoor storage area. Our shop and storage areas all have ceiling mounted fire suppression and are fully secured and alarmed 24/7/365.  You can be rest assured that your baby is 100% safe in our possession.